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Radha 'Betty' Hoare (Mother Radha)

Radha 'Betty' Hoare (Mother Radha)

Location of shot unknown to me

This is my dear (now departed) friend and fellow spiritual seeker, Mother Radha (Elizabeth -'Betty' - Hoare). She was a tell-it-like-it-is, non-nonsense, down to earth individual. She, like me, suffered from foot-in-mouth disease! She had a heart of gold. She was one of the idiosyncratic, unconventional people on the planet. Many of those around us couldn't deal with her frankness and intolerance for stupidity or drama. I and many others loved her (and still do in our hearts) for exactly those qualities.

As a play on the term 'Sadhu' (holy man) I called her 'Sadhini' (which could be distorted to mean 'holy woman') if you're creative enough! ;-)

It's her pains-taking tape-recording and note-taking that provides the foundation for this Blog, featuring Swami Shivapadananda's life, teachings and work. I'm sure Radha (who typed a whole lot of stuff on a computer whilst in her late seventies) had no idea she'd be the force behind so much of this valuable and uplifting information being available in cyberspace. Wonder if they read Blogs in Heaven? ;-)