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Swami Shivapadananda (Papa) and Clive Simpkins

Swami Shivapadananda (Papa) and Clive Simpkins

Tongaat KwaZulu-Natal

Rosemary Oosthuizen, a dear, dear 'sister' to me and fellow spiritual traveller, took this picture of Swamiji and me in the sea at Tongaat in 1972. It was my first Yoga Camp. Rosemary, whose Brahmacharini name was 'Sri', went on to take final vows as a Hindu nun and became Pravrajika Atma Prana. We then all called her 'Didi' meaning 'big sister'. She was the head of the Sri Sarada Devi Ashram (monastery-convent) in Asherville, Durban, South Africa, for many years, before passing on from cancer in the early 1990s.